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Getting Started

So are you looking to start making some real money by becoming an Affiliate in the Online Gambling Industry? There is huge potential to make some serious cash in the Online Gambling Industry, but it can be a little overwhelming to get started for those new to the internet.

Well we have a couple of quick tips to help you get started and to help you to avoid those rookie mistakes.


Choosing the correct URL

Choosing the correct URL can definitely be a big help to get you traffic quickly. Because of the ability to make lots of money in the gaming industry in can be difficult to find good URLs, but there are still some out there. There are a few things that you want to look for when you are choosing your URL.

  • URLs with keywords in them will help you on search engines. For example if you have Online Casinos in your URL it will help your site in Searches for Online Casinos, so try to get the correct keywords that fit your site in your URL.
  • A short URL that people can remember can be a huge help. If you have a URL people can easily remember, chances are you will have more visitors, and more people that will come back to your site.
  • If possible try to get a .com URL. It is the easiest for people to remember and most people will try the .com before any other.


Choosing the right hosting packages

Once you have chosen the right URL, where do you go from there? There are many hosting companies out there, and on top of that, they each offer several different hosting plans, with a wide range in pricing. There is no exact answer to what is the right plan for you, it can be different for every person, but here are some things to think about and to take into consideration before you decide what is the right plan for you.

  • How many sites are you going to have? If you are only going to have one site then you will not need to worry about this, but if you are planning on having more than one site you should look for hosting plans that offer different IPs for each site. This usually means that the plan is a little more expensive, but the benefit will be that if you link the two, or more, of them together. With different IPs their link will be more effective.
  • Is the cheap plan right for you? Most hosting companies offer a very cheap hosting plan. These plans can be great for small sites or sites created out of basic html or java. This might be all you need, and may be a good place to start while you are just starting your page. However these plans are very limited as far as creating any interactivity in your site. You can create some special effects using java, but one thing to keep in mind is that search engines do not read java script and anything created in Java Script will be overlooked.
  • Do you want RSS feeds on your site? Having RSS feeds on your site can help keep your content fresh with very little work on your part, which is very important for SEO. It will cost you a little more to get a hosting package that can handle RSS feeds, but well worth it if you want fresh content, without having to create it yourself.


How long will it take to get indexed on Google

So you have created your site but you can't see it yet on Google or other Search engines. If this is your first site, chances are it could take about a month before you will be indexed by Google, and even longer for other search engines. There are a couple of things that can help you get up on the search engines faster. Some search engines like MSN and Yahoo will let you suggest a URL, and then they will know to look for that URL, however this can still take up to a month. The best way to get you site up quickly is to have it linked from sites that are already indexed by the search engines. With the right links to your page your site can be indexed within a few days.


Creating an effective web page

One of the absolutely most important things about your web site is creating a web site that is easy to navigate. People visiting your site should find it easy to be able to find the information that you have to offer. Anything that is not easy to find will most likely never be seen. Make sure that people can easily navigate through your site with clearly, correctly marked buttons, also be sure that there are no dead ends. Try going through your pages and testing them out, chances are mistakes will be made, and it is much better to be found by you other than people visiting your site.

Also having quality content is important, not only for search engines but for creating confidence in your visitors. If your visitors are confident that you have a quality site they will spend more time on your site and will confident playing at the sites that you have suggested to them.

Creating and attractive professional looking site will also help increase clicks and downloads on your site.when a new visitor comes to your site, the look of it can make them quickly go back to the search engine, or grab their attention and make them interested in reading your quality content. So be sure to spend some time in making your site look good and professional. If you do not have the skills to do this yourself, there are templates you can use, or web designers that can help you out. It may mean a little more initial cost, but it will be more beneficial in the long run.


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